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Book Reflection: What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer

Updated: May 6, 2023

I recently started reading Dr. Luke Hobson's book, What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer. Obviously, the best time to have read this book would've been when I started considering a career change, but the second best time is right now. If you're interested in becoming an instructional designer and haven't heard of Dr. Hobson, you should definitely:

What I really appreciate from this book, other than the insights he provides, is that at the end of each chapter he provides an opportunity to practice and reflect on what you've read. Good instructional design, right?

So, with that in mind, each blog post in this series (#WIWIK) will take a moment to reflect on the questions at the end of the chapter. Select the collapsed list below to see all of the blog posts. My aim is to have all of the posts completed by the end of February.

Posts for "What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer"

Feel free to join the conversation by responding in each blog's comments with your answers to the discussion questions (with plain text or a link to your post).

Chapter 1 - What Is It We Do Exactly?

Chapter 2 - Above and Beyond

Chapter 3 - When I Grow Up

Chapter 4 - Five Years

Chapter 5 - New Year, New Goals

Chapter 6 - Learning from the Process

Chapter 7 - Bringing People Together

Chapter 8 - A Positive Learning Experience

Chapter 9 - I Don't Belong Here

Chapter 10 - Public Speaking

Chapter 11 - Organizational Culture

Chapter 12 - What Are You Doing?

Chapter 13 - Working with SMEs

Chapter 14 - A Well-Designed Course

Chapter 15 - A Day in the Life

Chapter 16 - The Future of Instructional Design

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