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LinkedIn Learning: Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro is a tool that I am currently using in my professional practice for creating learning videos. While I have learned the basics from some other tutorials, my experience with the tool has largely been limited to chopping up videos, creating some animations, and editing sound files.

One of my goals for this fiscal year is to complete at least twenty hours of structured tutorials to learn how to use the more advanced features this tool has to offer.

Courses I Have Completed

How Do I Do That in Premiere Pro?

This course, authored by Richard Harrington, was a great introductory level overview of commonly-used features in Premiere Pro. The course, which came with practice files for the learner to follow along with, showed users how to import media into a project, work with sequences, edit audio, utilize keyframes to create animations, trim footage, and export finished products.

Image Description

LinkedIn Learning Certificate of Completion for Jared Speight

Course: How Do I Do That in Premiere Pro?

Completed April 30, 2022

Time: 3 hours 54 minutes

Courses I Plan on Taking in the Future

Mastering Effects and Transitions

Creating Titles in Premiere Pro with the Essential Graphics Panel

Gettings Started with Premiere Pro for the Non-Video Pro

Premiere Pro Essential Training 2020

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