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B4NP Recorders


The B4NP podcast needed to replace their recorders and update their materials walking guests through the process from setting up equipment, doing the interview, uploading the audio files, and shipping the equipment back.

Their existing materials consisted of a text-based PDF document and a video hosted on Dropbox. The links to these files are sent in emails to the podcast guests prior to their recording session.


storyline logo.png

Articulate Storyline

Canva (Graphics)


The Deliverable


  • Color contrast of text and background is at least 9.46:1 in all locations (WCAG 2.1 AAA Compliant)

  • Users have the ability to utilize keyboard navigation throughout the tutorial

  • Alt text is included for all non-decorative images

  • All users have the option to read and/or listen to the instructions


100% of podcast guests using this tutorial were able to complete the end-to-end process and rated the learning tool as easy to access, understand, and follow.

"We were looking for an accessible, interactive tool to help guide our podcast guests through the interview process with a focus on the operation of our recording equipment and how to upload audio files post-interview. Jared created something that was designed well, had a clean user experience, and efficiently communicated our procedures to our guests."

- Jared Byas, Podcast Director

Pool Sanitation course tile

This course was created as one component of a training program to help pool managers become Certified Pool Operators.

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Vyond, Descript, Canva

Game On course tile

This course was created to help novice and aspiring instructional designers learn how to integrate game elements into Storyline builds.

Tools: Articulate Rise, Articulate Storyline, Camtasia, Descript, Canva

Job Aids tile

Often times, the solution to a problem is not a course to teach users about content but rather a tool to support them in completing their tasks.

Tools: Articulate Storyline, Adobe Acrobat, TechSmith Snagit

E-Learning Heroes Challenges tile

E-Learning Challenges are a part of Articulate's online community. Each week, a challenge is posted focusing on a an element, feature, or topic, in Storyline.

Tools: Articulate Storyline

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