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Bringing People Together

Reflection on Chapter 7: How Do I Make Connections in this Field?

Each blog post in this series (#WIWIK) will take a moment to reflect on the questions at the end of each chapter.

Feel free to join the conversation by responding in the comments with your answers to the discussion questions (with plain text or a link to your post).

Here is the reflection question for the seventh chapter:

Think about your current network. Who could you bring together to show your value as a networker?

Networking has been an integral part of my journey out of the classroom and into Learning and Development. Ricky Fisher, someone I've never met outside of a digital context, gave me a referral to my contracted position with Junior Achievement and Russell Sweep introducing me to the Global Learning and Development Community (GLDC) has led to so many professional relationships and industry insights.

As I'm still early in my career, I'm not sure if I'm at the point yet where I can bring two specific people together in a way that is beneficial for them. However, I know that telling people about GLDC can help them grow as a professional. At this point in time, I've introduced about sixty people, mostly transitioning teachers, to the group. It's not a difficult sell after all; everything is free (meetings, book studies, and a mentoring program), the people are incredible, we have a good time together.

If GLDC sounds like a group you'd like to be a part of, you can join here.


Hobson, L. (2021). What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer. Independently published.

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