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I Don't Belong Here

Reflection on Chapter 9: How Do I Obliterate Imposter Syndrome?

Each blog post in this series (#WIWIK) will take a moment to reflect on the questions at the end of each chapter.

Feel free to join the conversation by responding in the comments with your answers to the discussion questions (with plain text or a link to your post).

Here is the reflection question for the ninth chapter:

Reflect back to a time you felt imposter syndrome. What triggered this occurrence? How could you get around this obstacle in the future?

I had recently been extended a contract to do some e-learning development work for Junior Achievement, my first corporate job in the field of learning and development. I wasn't nervous before the interview, or at least I wasn't until I had trouble getting Microsoft Teams, which I had never used before, to work. I felt comfortable and confident throughout the process of being hired on.

Shortly after completing all of the necessary paperwork, I received an email that immediately made me feel like I didn't belong. The email itself was nothing unexpected, just about a meeting to go over onboarding materials, but I noticed that there would be one other person going through the onboarding with me and that person was Cara North.

As far as I was concerned, Cara was a rock star in instructional design and e-learning development. I had already been an observor in a few programs or interviews she was featured in or hosted and her LinkedIn posts taught me a great deal about instructional design. I was dumbfounded.

Now, Cara was being brought in to do work at a higher-level of pay and responsibility than I was, however, being included in the same onboarding email as someone who I had learned so much from was definitely something that made me feel out of place.

Quick aside, Cara was incredibly kind throughout the onboarding meeting and was very helpful in the brief amount of time I worked at JA before accepting a full-time position at Stride.


Hobson, L. (2021). What I Wish I Knew Before Becoming an Instructional Designer. Independently published.

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