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Snagit Training

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

"It can't really be that much better than Snipping Tool or Loom, right? Screen capturing is screen capturing and it's pretty straightforward and all the same." - Me (back when I was ignorant... three days ago)

So, earlier this morning while the kids were still in bed, I finished up a few certifications for Snagit... and by "a few", I mean them all. I wasn't planning on it, truly. It just kind of happened because Tim Slade is amazing at what he did and I was enthralled by this tool.

I purchased a subscription for Snagit and Camtasia because they keep popping up on job descriptions for positions I want. I figured that I'd get the free certifications that came with it, make a couple of things for my portfolio, and be done with it for now. That's not happening, I can't see myself ever not having Snagit again.

While my earlier self was right about screen capturing being straightforward, Snagit does more and does it better than anything I've used for screen captures before. I love the panoramic feature that allows to screen captures of larger documents without having to stitch them together. And having the ability to record computer audio and/or my microphone is incredibly useful, but SnagIt Editor is what takes the cake.

Snagit Editor allows you to create themes and customize your annotation tools (which are really easy to use) and even create professional looking documents from your screenshots with a few clicks. After I finished all of the Snagit programs, I used a panoramic screen shot to get captures of the five certificates and created this image using a preloaded template in Snagit Editor. In a few minutes, I was able to adjust the colors to match Snagit's color pallet and export it as a PNG and PDF.

The tool was great and the training was incredible. I can't wait to use this in a professional setting.

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