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LinkedIn Learning: Articulate 360

One of the reasons I was so intrigued by the field of instructional design was that it was a job that allowed me to continue my focus on education and learning, both for myself and others.

As an extension of this, continuing to learn and improve myself and stay abreast of various tools and techniques is an essential part of my professional path. These are the LinkedIn Courses I have completed partaining to Articulate 360.

Using Articulate Rise 360 for Rapid-Deployment Training

In this course, David Anderson shows users how to create courses rapidly in Articulate Rise using various block types and how to export those courses as a PDF, webpage, or SCORM packages for a learning management system.

Course Completed April 28, 2022

Course Author: David Anderson

Course Length: 2 hours

Articulate 360: Advanced Actions

Articulate Storyline Essential Training

Courses I intend to take in the future

  • Learning Articulate Rise

  • Articulate 360: Interactive Learning

  • Articulate 360: Advanced E-Learning

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