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Exploring DominKnow

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

I just completed a two-day workshop exploring the DominKnow One course authoring tool with Chris Van Wingerden, and I have to say that I'm impressed. The tool is a web-based program with team integration and responsive content.

During the workshop, we explored various features of the tool while building a sample build from a quick start file. You can check out my Quick Start below (or here if you'd like to launch it in a new tab).

There were parts of the program that feel clunky, but I do like that most of it's features are accessible using keyboard navigation (though there are certainly plenty of other features not shown in this quick start file which aren't).

This build feels a lot like a website that's functioning as a course, but there are other templates available that feel more like something you would create with Storyline, Rise, or Captivate as well.

The website feel and mobile responsiveness do create some limitations on the tool itself. There are some things that can be done in Articulate Storyline that just can't be replicated in DominKnow (and others that can but require a great deal of finagling to do so).

I learned a lot over the last two days and have a great deal more I want to explore, but I'm leaving the workshop impressed with this new tool. While I'd still say I prefer Articulate 360 better overall, this tool is definitely fills a niche for teams that want the mobile responsiveness of Rise with interactive features provided by Storyline and the ability to work as a team without having to email source files back and forth.

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