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Google Certified, Part 1

One of the professional goals that I have in my five year plan (ending in 2020) was to become a Google Certified Educator, Level 2. I'm now halfway to attaining this goal.

Badge for Google Certified Educator, Level 1

This summer I went through the Fundamentals Training with Google for Education. I was able to skip through many of the lessons because of how heavily I've integrated the G-Suite into my professional practice over the last several years, but I certainly did learn a great deal more about what these tools can do.

I also learned a good bit about the new Google Keep, which I hadn't used at all prior to the training. After learning about this tool, I don't think I'll be going without it anytime soon. I'll be putting up blog posts about the various tools I learned more about in the upcoming weeks, but now I want to talk about how impressed I was with the test (the part that I can talk about anyway).

This past year I've had beat into my head that assessment questions which can be found with Google are bad questions. While there were some of these traditional type questions on the exam, most of it was centered on application. If you can learn about the material by taking the test, it's a really good test. Google knocked this part of their program out of the park. I'm looking forward to the Level 2 Training and, oddly enough, the test that follows.

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