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SMARRRT Goals: A Storyline Game

For my most recent course at the American College of Education, we were given the task of creating a game to supplement the learning content for a course we were building. The course I was working on was an onboarding course for volunteer mentors with the Global Learning and Development Community. This course gave a brief overview of some tools that could be used in the mentoring process, discuss the GROW model, and help mentors and mentees develop SMART Goals and an action plan for what they would like to accomplish during their meetings.

I decided for my game to reinforce learning about SMART Goals. From there, I developed the theme of pirates playing soccer/football (Ted Lasso and the part of my brain constantly looking for puns and wordplay are to blame for this combination) and created the game below:

One decision I made about the course navigation was to force the learner to read the directions before continuing to the game itself because the format may be unfamiliar to them and I wanted to ensure that learners knew what they were supposed to do.

Let me know what you thought about the game in the comments below.

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