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Building Blocks of Immersive Learning

Updated: Apr 15

How can we utilize alternative reality-based technologies to enhance learning experiences in the classroom and workforce?

Learning experiences that leverage augmented, virtual, and mixed reality technology are becoming increasingly common in the classroom and workforce. While creating these experiences involve the same processes and design models as more traditional approaches to learning and development, additional considerations should be given when creating these immersive learning experiences.

Immersive learning can be used to train pilots in flight simulators and provide safety training to factory workers without risking the lives of real-life passengers or co-workers, but it can also be used to provide meaningful learning opportunities for students with instant results.

The immersive learning experience I have designed is to teach middle school-aged children in a nature club about pollinator gardens in a virtual setting before they would build one in real life. The benefit of using immersive learning, in this case Minecraft VR, for this context is that learners would be able to build their garden and see the digital fruits (or vegetables) of their labor all within twenty minutes. Check out the videos below to learn more about the design plan for this activity, how the experience was developed, and to see an accelerated walkthrough that shows a completed build.

And because it's always good to "dogfood" an experience like this before implementing it in the learning context...

Hope you enjoyed! I'll see you around the block (sorry, couldn't resist).


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