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Marvel-ous Squares

This is my first build in Articulate Storyline and I'm thrilled with how it turned out. This build is meant as a formative assessment teachers can use to measure middle and high school students' level of mastery in solving two-step equations.

The game has a review module which can be accessed from the landing page, instructions for how to play the game, and the game itself. It uses sliders to move from one question to another for each character, text-input fields for keeping track of correct answers and wins, and a triggers to freely navigate through the game and reset the board when it's time for a new class to come in and play.

I created a template for this review game for my students in PowerPoint five years ago and thought it would give me the chance to try my hand with a new tool. While I know PowerPoint slides can be imported directly into Storyline, I wanted to do this build from scratch... other than the BoxyBot characters (thanks Drew Burdick!).

I was able to use Canva to create the graphics for the landing page, game board, and squares for each player. After that, I created slides for the landing page, credits, directions, the review tutorial, the game board, and one player slide.

Each player slide has five layers that are advanced by moving the slider that separates the box from the question and choices. After setting up slide for one character, I was able to duplicate it for the others to reduce the amount of time it took to build.

One thing I learned from this build, is that I want to learn a lot more. I know there has to be more efficient ways to make a game like this work, particularly with variables.

Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

Oh, and if you'd like a free copy of the PowerPoint game, you can download it here.

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