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E-Learning Heroes Challenge 374: Zooming and Magnifying Parts of an Image

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

This week's E-Learning Heroes Challege was to:

share a solution to allow learners to zoom in or magnify parts of an image, graphic, document, or video.

Before I share anything about what I did, I feel the need to say that I learned so much from examples and other entries so far this week and I'm looking forward to seeing other submissions continue to roll in over the next few days. My favorite submissions so far are:

  • Jodi Sansone's Organs of the Human Body does an incredible job with using a slider and graphics to direct your attention to the content.

  • Chris Hodgson's Theme Park utilizes code to prominently display various elements of his design, which is something I didn't even know Storyline could do and will be watching his YouTube channel later to figure out how he did it.

  • Michael Grant's Drum Kit is a really clean design and does a really great job isolating the clicked-on element for a closer view and information.

But if you're curious, you can check out the challenge and all of the submissions here.

For my entry, I decided to use a couple of pictures I took from our vacation when a water snake decided to join our family for some water play. It was pretty well hidden in the grass, so I broke the picture up into various segments and allowed the user to zoom in on a transparent hotspot in any section they clicked on. After finding the snake (or if they clicked the "Ssssssurrender" button, they'd be taken to another page that shows a closeup of the snake and the section of the larger photograph I pulled it from.

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